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     My property was in a rather chaotic state, but BrentParkCarpetCleaning and their house cleaners handled everything without any issues. It was a tremendous service, one that I'm sure to use in the future.
Dan K19/05/2020
     I hired BrentParkCarpetCleaners for a rug cleaning. They were able to remove all of the stains. It looks almost new.
Mary G.19/09/2019
     Big thanks to BrentParkCarpetCleaning and the great house cleaning service they provided me with. The job was too big for one person alone, but it was only too easy for their team. Most cost-effective deals!!
Neal Somers07/12/2016
     There was no sense in bothering with home cleaning, as I am now a happy client of BrentParkCarpetCleaning. They were great on scheduling and detail oriented about the different areas around my flat. Since my roommates and I live together things can get messy, but now we have it all under control.
James H.28/09/2016
     I have a holiday home which I lease to short-term tenants and it needs cleaning on a regular basis. This cleaning company are very reliable and with them I don't have to spend time and money cleaning my property myself. Brent Park Cleaners take a lot of pressure off, I must say!
Francesca Conway 15/03/2016
     I had recently held a party at my home and was left with a ton of mess. There was litter, crumbs and stains everywhere, and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle all the work myself. I called up Brent Park Cleaning Companies to see what they could do for me and they provided all the help I needed. They sent a couple of cleaners to my house the next day and they worked tirelessly to eliminate the mess. The job was done in a few hours and the house looked great. If I have a party again, I'll be sure to have them booked in advance.
Stacy Banner27/05/2015
     I was so happy with the work I have just received from BrentParkCarpetCleaners. The cleaners were prompt and bought a stack of tools and products to clean my house. The house was big so there was a lot to sort. The cleaners covered every little detail. I was so impressed. Plus the costs I was charged was affordable, I thing I will be using them more frequently now. I would certainly suggest if you need a reliable and hard working cleaning company to hire these guys they were brilliant.
Laurence Fletcher24/11/2014
     I hate cleaning with a passion and I'm very lazy about it but in one of my last properties I had to pay a lot of money to a cleaning agency when my landlord wasn't happy with the state of things. I decided not to put myself in that position again and booked BrentParkCarpetCleaners to do an intermittent clean and I'm really impressed with how well they do it. The cleaners work hard and get every inch of the place dusted, wiped down and tidied and as long as I don't have too many wild parties the apartment is constantly presentable and fresh.
Andrew Y.05/11/2014
     I grew up in a rather old-fashioned family where we did everything ourselves, so the first time I heard of cleaning agencies I was amused. The idea of letting strangers come into the house and clean it for me seemed far-fetched but I decided to give it a try. I called in BrentParkCarpetCleaners and it's been a couple of days and I cannot stop being amazed by the results. For the first time in my life the house is sparkling and I don't have a bad back or sore muscles to show for it! I absolutely suggest calling these cleaning contractors if you want your house to look good without having to pay with your health and energy for it!
M. Hartley19/09/2014
     My rugs pick up a lot of dust and dirt because of the fibres that they're made from, which is annoying as I bought them to protect my carpets from getting too dirty! I hired BrentParkCarpetCleaners after hearing good things about their rug cleaning service and I definitely wasn't left disappointed. My rugs looks impeccable, smell great, have no stains and the colours absolutely shine. This is a really affordable service and a great alternative to slaving over your rugs with cleaning products that don't even work! A great job done to a high standard by very friendly and experienced cleaners. 10/10!
Michael P.08/07/2014
     Having a clean work space is absolutely imperative when you are in business. Entertaining clients and having meeting, as well as working within a clean, tidy and efficient environment will be the basis upon which great business can be done, so I have the cleaners round every evening, after the office has shut down. BrentParkCarpetCleaners have been working for us for a number of months, and I have not been at all disappointed by them. The price is great, the cleaning is excellent, and they are extremely easy to work with. Very highly recommended.
Richard W.07/01/2014

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